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Indian Restaurant in Guadalajara

The first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Indian cuisine is “SPICY” and right you would be. Indian cuisine uses a cornucopia
of spices to create a mouth- watering range of foods.

Not all Indian dining is spicy “HOT” but all is generously spices to give food a distinct full bodied taste.

India is a tapestry of many cultures, colors, and of course foods.

Each Region has its own specialty! In the north, punjabi , kashmiri, and mughlai cuisine reflects a strong central asian influence with the

variety of rich foods.

Coastal kitchen makes extensive use of seafood and coconuts. The dessert cuisine of rajasthan and gujrat use wide variety of lentils and preserves.

The use of Tamarind gives Tarty sourness that distinguishes Tamil foods in a southern regions.

Finally to the south east of India, the Andhra kitchen is accused perhaps unfairly, of using excessive amount of chili!

At DELHI 6 we Extracts the best foods,spices, and Home cooked Recipes.We want you to enjoy the variety of foods offered at this small restaurant at hope
that your dining experience to be a memorable one…